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John Tetley
Narrative Therapist/Counsellor and Supervisor in Kerikeri
(09) 4071904, (027) 2441800

Professional Memberships

Member NZAC; Accredited Family Court; Registered ACC for sexual abuse, trauma and head injury; Family Courts Association;
John Tetley

About Me

My name is John Tetley and I am father of two wonderful children, one a wine maker and the other a chef. I discovered counselling and in particular narrative counselling over 20yrs ago.  I have never felt as if I do not want to go to work every day since. My partner thinks I am mad because I still read counselling text books in bed. I enjoy my veggie garden, reading, fishing, sailing and hanging out with friends. My family is the centre of my life.

Experience & Qualifications

I began my counselling career as a school guidance counsellor in the 1980’s. This was followed by 7yrs running the counselling service at the Wellington College of Education. Next came a move into private practice where I have worked for the last 10plus years. I have also worked at times in Family Therapy Centres. I would describe myself as a narrative counsellor. My wish is to provide respectful counselling that examines life in an interesting creative way, deals with problems and looks to future aspirations. For the last 7 years my work has been supervised by David Epston one of the leaders of counselling in the world today and inventor of Narrative Therapy. I discovered Narrative Therapy about 15 yrs ago. Prior to that I was trained in a number of other approaches to counselling and they continue to have a lingering effect on my work. I have a number of formal qualifications: A university Masters Degree in Counselling, BA (hons), Post Grad Diploma in Guidance and Counselling and a similar Diploma in Teaching.

Problems I help with

I see individuals, couples and family members about all sorts of things ranging from what to do about past experiences that continue to affect life, how to do life now, and how do life differently and with renewed energy in the future. I have met people with every difficulty you can envisage. It is my aim to provide counselling that can be supportive of most of life’s difficulties. The sorts of problems that people bring to me include relationship problems and partner difficulties, abuse, work issues, concerns for others, failure, sexual worries, feelings of failure, hopes for the future and so on. I supervise the professional practice of other counsellors.


A common fee for me to charge is $110.00 plus GST for a one hour session. However fees are negotiable and need to reflect the costs of my practice.

I work from

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6 Homestead Rd
(09) 407 1904