Problems we help with

What do we help with

We work with adults, couples, young people, children and families.

Within the group there is wide ranging experience that covers the gamut of problems that people may encounter. Between us we have x yrs experience. Each of us works with a wide range of problems but we also have individual specialisms. Please look at the profiles of individual counsellors below to find out which counsellor may best be able to meet your needs.

John Tetley
John Tetley Narrative Therapist/Counsellor and Supervisor in Kerikeri (09) 4071904, (027) 2441800
I see individuals, couples and family members about all sorts of things ranging from what to do about past experiences that continue to affect life, how to do life now, and how do life differently and with renewed energy in the future. I have met people with every difficulty you can envisage. It is my aim to provide counselling that can be supportive of most of life’s difficulties. The sorts of problems that people bring to me include relationship problems and partner difficulties, abuse, work issues, concerns for others, failure, sexual worries, feelings of failure, hopes for the future and so on. I supervise the professional practice of other counsellors.
Jill Duncalfe
Jill Duncalfe Counselling therapist and supervisor (09) 524 7414
People have come to talk to me about all sorts of problems, including depression, anxiety and panic, relationship issues, disordered eating, stress, sexual abuse, alcohol over-use, feeling stuck and wanting to move on, wanting to understand themselves better, or like themselves more.
Donald McMenamin
Donald McMenamin PhD Narrative Therapist 027 307 4339
I work as a counsellor with people and families of all ages on whatever it is that concerns them, and I work also as a supervisor for other counsellor's work. I teach counselling and school pastoral responses at tertiary level and private practice.
Paul Ashley
Paul Ashley Counsellor / Narrative Therapist 021 701 247
I work with people, couples and families experiencing a wide variety of problems, in the past these have included; sexual difficulties, confidence, depression, isolation, grief, relationship difficulties, not fitting in, anger, violence within families, past hurts and traumatic experiences that overshadow today's living. I have a special interest in working with LGTB people, couples and families experiencing difficulties.
Frances Adlam
Frances Adlam Counsellor (09) 5756124
I work with children and adolescents that do not fit into systems (often school systems). This may be because they learn or behave in ways that are different to the expectations of school. Many children that come to see me have high anxieties and sensitivities towards their experiences at school. This can lead to further complications such as raised fears of attending school or “playing out” behaviour at home. I weave my educational and counselling threads together; sometimes counselling children and sometimes tutoring them in ways that suit their learning style. Many of the children I work with have been diagnosed with one or some of the following: ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Aspergers or Autism. I also work with teenagers and women that may have issues with eating such as anorexia and bulimia.
Kay Ingamells
Kay Ingamells DIPSW, MSW Counsellor & Family Therapist 0212126131
I am highly experienced in helping with anxiety, depression, childhood and teenage problems, family issues, anorexia/bulimia, abuse, drug and alcohol issues, grief and loss, issues of identity, re-discovering possibility, hope and joy in life.