The way we work

All of us get stopped by life from time to time. As counsellors we know that our job is to help you get back to where you want to be.

We all share a belief that the problem is the problem rather than the person being the problem. Problems can narrow down how we see and understand things. They can stop us noticing useful things that can get our life moving in the direction we want. They can give us a narrowed view of self. We enjoy working with  people to help them to stand up to problems that may have dominated them and to  regain enthusiasm for life.

For each of us there are many stories that can be told of how we have acted in keeping with our cherished hopes for ourselves and others we care about. Often these stories have been disregarded by others’ interpretations of life, or overshadowed by the problems we encounter. Our work together is to bring your important stories to the fore, and where appropriate, to invite other people to join with you in celebrating them.

We talk about what is important to you , what you cherish and hold dear. We talk about what is getting in the way and how we can help you to where you would like to be.

As collaboarative counsellors we focus on what is possible and how things could be rather than on what is wrong or shouldn’t be. We make sure we have understood and appreciated the effects that problems have had upon you, whilst holding conversations that are founded upon hope, possibility  and a rich appreciation of who you are and what you value.

We’re interested in  people’s  intentions, hopes, visions for their life, their values and preferences. We’re interested in working with people to identify some things that they can consider changing so that they feel as if their life in back on track.

Our conversations with you will be hopeful, uplifting and inspiring.

We intend to create effective, therapeutic conversations with you that focus on strengths, solutions, your personal preferences’ rather than on problems, supposed personal deficits, or normative judgements.

When working we regularly invite people to evaluate our ways of working. We do this in the spirit of collaboration, valuing your experiences of our work and the feedback you might offer us to improve our ways of working with you and other people.